In 2017, a Polk county family reached out to SHARP for assistance resulting in SHARP taking in over 54 dogs/puppies from this one family.

The dogs remaining in the household, were spayed and neutered with vouchers provided by SHARP.

Ginny was one of those 54 dogs. Ginny’s adopted Mom sent us a kind e mail on her experience with SHARP as follows:

Ginny came to our family the summer of 2017 when we needed her most. We had just lost our female dog of 15 years and still had Oscar who was almost 17. I was lost until Ginny came and filled the hole in my heart. Our dogs were 9 years old at the time my twins were born. The children were 7 when we got Ginny and our older dogs weren’t into playing too often. Now my children have a dog that could grow up with them. She has taught them responsibility and empathy. She has also brought so much joy and light to our family. I couldn’t imagine a life without her. Ginny is my first ever rescue. It was an amazing experience and I can’t thank SHARP Rescue enough for trusting me to adopt her and give her a good home. She looks at us with such love in her eyes and gives the best hugs. I look forward to many, many years of happiness with my girl.

Jessica Zito

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